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POVLAB is a full 3D graphic modeller,which models 3D objects for the photo-realistic © povteam Persistence Of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray). Look below for power...
Be sure to have read LEGAL.TXT before any how programming an using request.

To download the povlab sources, please go on the download page.
If you want to participate to POVLAB development project, see this page http://pdelagrange.free.fr/labdev/ for more informations.

 POVLAB development mailing list 

You can join the POVLAB developper mailing list by sending a command via mail to :

With the command :
    join povlab-dev Firstname Lastname
in the email body.

You will receive a confirmation request.

You can put some banners and logos on your website if you want to link to this site and support future POVLAB development.