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POVLAB is a full 3D graphic modeller,which models 3D objects for the photo-realistic © povteam Persistence Of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray). Look below for power...
  • POVLAB 4.0
    Download here the latest POVLAB 4.0 version.

    The ZIP archives here contain full directory intallations. Just extract the files in the directory where you want to install Povlab using directory expansion (for example, if you use pkunzip, type 'pkunzip -d povlab40.zip' - if you use WinZip, it is automatic)

    You can either download the full package or download the parts you need.

    • Full package: povlab40.zip [2.71Mo]
      Contains full Povlab install + Povray 3.0 executable. Just unpack and execute 'povlab.exe'

    • Mini install: mini.zip [1.37Mo]
      Contains minimal Povlab install + Povray 3.0 executable
    • Example scenes: scenes.zip [1.00Mo]
      Contains 'povlab/scene', 'povlab/hfield', 'povlab/raw', 'povlab/bezier', 'povlab/maps', and 'povlab/lathe' directories.
      Unpack this in the povlab root directory (just below 'povlab' and 'povray3' directories) with directory expansion.
    • Plugins & other stuff: plugins.zip [327Ko]
      Contains 'povlab/plugins' and 'povlab/truetype' directories. [Note: plugins do not work because of .SCN file format incompatibilities. To be fixed soon]

    The old povlab40 archive (povlab only, broken scenes) can be found here:
    povlab40-old.zip [2.61Mo]

  • Povray 3.0 full install can be found here: povmsdos.exe

    This will show you a site where to find a site containing POVLAB 4.0 via FTP. Sometimes the robot has some problems, so click many times.

  • Utilities and more
    You will find here more utilies, libraries, plugins, updates, objects and scenes for POVLAB.
    Check it out !!

  • POVLAB 4.00 source code [460 Kb - 13.Jan.99]
    Read all txt file and legal.txt before using the code.

  • POVLAB 4.00 documentation [1164 Kb - 12.Dec.97]
    Are provided in the same archive a Microsoft Word (.doc), full ascii and adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version.

You can put some banners and logos on your website if you want to link to this site and support future POVLAB development.