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POVLAB is a full 3D graphic modeller,which models 3D objects for the photo-realistic © povteam Persistence Of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray). Look below for power...
    View a screenshot of the interface.
    View the last release of POVLAB.

  • 16/256 colors graphic SVGA/VESA 1.2.
  • Textured interface design, with user choice for pattern.
  • 387 protected mode, optimized for 486 and Pentium.
  • Need a floating point unit (387, 487SX, 486DX, Pentium).
  • Virtual memory, up to 32 mb.
  • 4 viewports (left, front, top and camera).
  • Very very friendly to use (new style interface, never seen before !).
  • Material & texture preview, library management, add your own.
  • Real time camera, like 3D Studio does.
  • Lights : omni, spot, area light/spot, cylinder light (color, shadows, on/off, 3D view).
  • Deformation (matrix scale, translate and rotate based).
  • User configuration (full ascii, very simple to modify).
  • Selection (rotation, scale, translate, copy, ...).
  • Normal/fast/boxed display, freezed and ignored objects.
  • Raw objects, box, cone, cylinder, blob, disc, tube, torus, plane, sphere, lathe, bezier patches, spline, automap, extruder, superellipsoid...
  • CSG (copy, merge, difference, union).
  • Procedures (rotate and copy, translate and copy, align, extruder).
  • Use a real camera, based on the FOV in POV-Ray.
  • NEW AND VERY GOOD. Plugins, allow you to program your own external procedures like object generators, linking directly with POVLAB's interface (graphic and object creation). See it, give your old programs a new life ! See documentation for more details.
  • Mesh precision control for height-fields and torus.
  • Up to 20000 objects.
  • Allow you to correct raytracing parameters for textures in POVLAB. Like that you can make more materials with just one described in the .TEX file. Parameters are : ior, refraction, ambient, phong, phong_size, diffuse, crand, reflection, image, bump map...
  • Create 3D fonts (read TrueType fonts - thanks to Jean Arnaud).
  • Image files viewer, best palette fitting (dithering, scaling and more).
  • Automatic texture to interface palette converter with dithering.
  • HSL and RGB color's dialog boxes.
  • Output dir POV-Ray's scenes (thanks to Dan Farmer).
  • Formatted output with "soft" tabs (thanks Dan Farmer).
  • New button design, looks like a station OS (!).
  • Compiled with management for FDIV Pentium's error.
  • Shell to your favorite viewer.
  • Support a lot of new options in POV-Ray 3.0 as :
        - Extended light sources (atmosphere, fading, ... ).
        - Focal blur.
        - Atmospheric effects.
        - Global setting.
        - New textures.
        - Caustics, fade_distance, fade_power.
        - Adding blobs for spheres and cylinders.
        - Adding hollow keyword.
        - Lights cast shadows or not.
        - New layered fog supported.
        - Added cylindrical lights.
        - Added roughness and brilliance in finish options.
        - Support superellipsoids.
  • Works fine under WIN95.
  • Support rendering in WINPOV.
  • Extended final render box.
  • B-Spline path with CTDS like connections.
  • Water_Level for HF.
  • Auto naming when multii copying.
  • Debugging infos an files.
  • Fast pan with mouse.
  • View the last rendering image in the modeller.
  • View POV scene code.
  • Smooth key vertices on the spline.
  • 2 types of grid, snap
  • Lights, cameras and objectsmanual editing.
  • Added viewing the POV generated file.
  • Support powered mapping functions.
  • OS/2 setup files.
  • Need a floating point unit (387, 487SX, 486DX, Pentium).
  • More and more...
  • Graphic installation.
  • Support mouse, 8 mb prefered, 30 mb free disk space.
  • Contain : demo version, samples scenes, images, material, textures, ...
  • WWord 6.0 manual (txt and wri too), with detailled table of contents.
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